18 January 2007

hats hats hats!

all of the hats are finally up at etsy!

dot dash hat

that's one of my favorites. i think i'm going to make more like it sometime soon. it's probably the least girly hat i've made in a while!

also, here i am as an m&m:

apparently this is me as an m&m?

i've never actually made an orange hat with a pom-pom, but i think i want to now. also, i want some ice cream. weirdly, i don't want m&m's, which i think is the point of the site. oops!


Michelle said...

hey! I found your blog/etsy site through...umm I don't remember, been going through a lot of crochet sites. anyways, I think your moving to etsy was probably a great idea - I just started a site there too as well, though I haven't got anything on it yet. And that Paris hat is AWESOME!

I'll stop the random comment from a stranger here ;) but your hats look great and so does the store. Good luck with it!

rachael m. said...

Hi Michelle! I like random comments from strangers so it's all good. I'm glad you like my shop & thanks for the link, too! Best of luck with your own shop... I really like Etsy, you probably will too.