06 January 2008

update & change of address

apple hat

Two announcements:

1. There are 11 new hats in the Etsy shop. (Some older ones are now on sale.)

2. After much thought, I have decided to relocate all my Madeye- and craft-related blogging over to my "real" blog. Keeping a "business"/craft blog is completely impractical for me, and I don't like having my name on such a stale project. Separating this endeavor from the rest of my "life" on the internet has also always felt strange. I'm not even sure if anyone reads this, but if so, please join me over there! It'll be way more fun. I promise.

16 August 2007

what? it's 100F outside?

swingset hat show and tell hat

There are new hats in the Etsy shop, including these two. And there are others on the way. Is this weird or what? I mean, an actual update? What's going on here? Stay tuned for more...

27 July 2007

hooks are still missing

...but maybe they'll be lured out of hiding by my new blog banner?

probably not, but i downloaded way too many fonts today and really needed to do something with them.

06 June 2007

go figure

tonight's the first time i've had a) the desire, and b) the time to crochet in months (literally, months!) and wouldn't you know it, my hooks are nowhere to be found. nowhere! i'm thinking (hoping) they're at my parents' house-- i guess i left them up there at christmas, maybe?-- but if they're not there then i have no idea. i turned my apartment upside down and saw nary a sign of them (and i moved in less than a month ago, and don't remember seeing them during the subsequent unpacking, now that i think about it).


oh well. once they're located, i'm starting on some granny squares, probably to be made into a pillow for my bed and/or couch (hooray studio apartments), but in preparation for the much larger eventual tackling of a full-sized granny square afghan. maybe. eventually. if i can find my damned hooks.

31 May 2007

madeye: still alive, and on sale to boot

hello out there!

it's been about a million years and i'm sure everyone thinks that i have forgotten all about madeye/hats/crocheting/craft-land/you/etc. well, that's kind of true. since i last wrote, i've finished up my last semester in college, finished my undergraduate honors thesis, graduated from college, gotten and started a "real job," moved apartments... and not once picked up a crochet hook. i didn't even realize until today that all of my etsy listings had totally expired!

to solve the immediate problem, everything in the etsy shop has been re-listed. i've also put everything on mega-sale: from $40 down to $15, from $30 down to $10. some of those hats have been sitting around for over a year! not that they're any less worthy of your precious little heads, but hey man, i'm getting kind of sick of them and i'd love to see them go to some nice, appreciative homes.

as far as where madeye is headed in the future, i'm not entirely sure at the moment. for one, it's just too hot for me to think about hats right now. (god bless you, georgia summertime. oh wait, it's not even summer yet... crap, we're all gonna roast alive). for two, well... like i said, i haven't picked up a crochet hook in months, so my creative gears are a bit rusty. however, i'm sure that once i get settled into my fun new "grown up" life that madeye will come back in some form or fashion, so don't forget me completely! you can join the mailing list by entering your email address on the main site or add this blog to your google reader (or what have you) to keep in touch.

04 February 2007

thanks, vickie howell, for completely obliterating any chances I had of getting my homework done tonight! cannot stop watching knitty gritty marathon! Must not bust out the yarn and needles... must not... must resist...! GUH.

18 January 2007

hats hats hats!

all of the hats are finally up at etsy!

dot dash hat

that's one of my favorites. i think i'm going to make more like it sometime soon. it's probably the least girly hat i've made in a while!

also, here i am as an m&m:

apparently this is me as an m&m?

i've never actually made an orange hat with a pom-pom, but i think i want to now. also, i want some ice cream. weirdly, i don't want m&m's, which i think is the point of the site. oops!