06 June 2007

go figure

tonight's the first time i've had a) the desire, and b) the time to crochet in months (literally, months!) and wouldn't you know it, my hooks are nowhere to be found. nowhere! i'm thinking (hoping) they're at my parents' house-- i guess i left them up there at christmas, maybe?-- but if they're not there then i have no idea. i turned my apartment upside down and saw nary a sign of them (and i moved in less than a month ago, and don't remember seeing them during the subsequent unpacking, now that i think about it).


oh well. once they're located, i'm starting on some granny squares, probably to be made into a pillow for my bed and/or couch (hooray studio apartments), but in preparation for the much larger eventual tackling of a full-sized granny square afghan. maybe. eventually. if i can find my damned hooks.

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nice-etc said...

haha sorry..
letswritecaitlin [at] hotmail [dot] com

i hate spam so i didn't want to put it on the blog in that entry haha

do you use this blog mostly?